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    Engagement principles

    Our stakeholder engagement principles.

    Roles and participation in decision making

    • The AESO uses the experience and expertise of stakeholders to improve the quality and implementation of decisions
    • The AESO determines the level of consultation needed on an issue, based on the perceived significance and impact on stakeholders and the time available
    • All stakeholders have the right to comment on the AESO's plans, decisions and actions
    • The AESO makes the decisions on changes and the timing of those changes

    The process of making decisions

    • All potential changes progress through consistent defined stages, from problem identification to implementation and review
    • The AESO's consultation process and the rationale for the AESO's decisions are transparent

    Informing stakeholders

    • All stakeholders have the right to be informed of the AESO’s direction, plans, the status of issues, and decisions in a timely manner
    • The AESO communicates a consistent position on potential changes that resolves the perspectives across the AESO’s functions

    Continuous improvement

    • The AESO measures the success of its engagement process, and the effectiveness of resulting changes, to improve its future performance

    Respectful Engagement

    • The AESO and all stakeholders are expected to engage in a respectful manner; focusing on issues that require action; and refraining from engaging in aggressive behaviour.
    • In an effort to keep the focus on the required action, all participants are encouraged to plan for and set agendas to better manage meetings between the AESO and stakeholders. If a meeting participant becomes disrespectful in communicating their information or opinions, the AESO may request the participant to revise their manner of speech to be respectful, failing which, the AESO may end the meeting at their sole discretion.
    • The AESO and all stakeholders are responsible for raising issues or concerns regarding respectful engagement which may result in the AESO taking appropriate action in a prompt, impartial and confidential manner when issues or concerns with respect to respectful engagement come to their attention.
    • Concerns can be reported by sending an email to or on a confidential basis through the AESO’s Ethics Hotline at EthicsPoint. Complaints will be kept confidential to the extent possible, including during any required investigation process. 

    Please click here to view the Principles for Respectful Engagement.