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    Principles for relationships with Canada's Indigenous Peoples

    How we engage and respect

    The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) respects Indigenous Peoples as having distinct legal, historical and cultural status within Canada. Where Indigenous Peoples and communities are potentially affected by our business activities, we are committed to timely and sincere engagement in accordance with the following principles:


    The AESO acknowledges that Indigenous peoples continue to practice traditional land use activities on unoccupied Crown Lands and within their local communities. We further acknowledge that certain lands are set aside as reserve lands under Treaties 6, 7 and 8 in Alberta while other lands are set aside as Métis Settlements under the Métis Settlements Act.


    We recognize that we can learn and gain from the diverse languages, social institutions and cultures of Indigenous Peoples from across the province. To aid in our understanding and to develop more effective working relationships, we will provide cross-cultural training for AESO employees who work and engage with Indigenous Peoples.


    The AESO will engage with and attempt to resolve the issues and concerns of Indigenous Peoples whose rights may be affected by our business activities early in the process and before decisions are made. Through cooperation, we will facilitate a mutual understanding of potential interests and impacts related to the AESO’s operations and, where appropriate, respond with appropriate courses of action.

    The AESO’s Principles for Relationships with Canada’s Indigenous Peoples is aligned to its values and business strategies and will be upheld by its Executive leadership.