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    Strategic Priorities

    The electricity industry is on the cusp of transformational change. Technological advancements, new business models and increased digitalization, as well as changing consumer preferences and demographics, will begin to have a profound impact on the way electricity is produced, consumed and exchanged. These trends will directly impact the pace and intensity of the industry’s transformation. As the steward of reliability for the province, we must be ready, and our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan paves the way for us to be agile, responsive and expand our capabilities as an organization.

    As this transformation unfolds in the electricity sector, we must ensure Albertans and Alberta businesses have reliable, cost-effective power and that our electricity system is able to respond efficiently and effectively to new technologies and new opportunities.  

    Agility is a key aspect of our Strategic Plan and, as such, we are responding to the current Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the province with a commitment to cost management and reducing regulatory burden in the electricity sector. The AESO is continuously finding ways to streamline processes throughout the organization and manage cost to drive better value for Albertans.

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