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    AESO 2020 Budget Review Process

    The AESO historically initiates the Budget Review Process (BRP) with its stakeholders by sending an invitation in August along with the proposed BRP schedule. On July 24, 2019, the Government of Alberta announced that Alberta will not transition to a capacity market and will continue with an energy-only market.  As a result the AESO is not proceeding further with capacity market implementation activities.  In light of this, additional time is needed to complete the development of our 2020 proposed Business Initiatives and related budget.  We intend to send out the invitation and proposed BRP schedule to stakeholders in September.

    We intend to follow the same process for the 2020 BRP as we have undertaken with stakeholders in previous years. That is to: i) provide the AESO’s 2020 forecasts of Transmission Line Losses and Ancillary Services Costs and ii) consult on the Business Initiatives and Own Costs proposed for 2020.  The BRP is also intended to assist the AESO Board in formalizing its Board Decision regarding the proposed budget and forecasts.

    If you have any questions or additional information requirements, please do not hesitate to contact me at or 403.539.2590.

    The AESO thanks you and looks forward to your participation in the BRP.