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    AESO 201

    Based on stakeholder feedback, the AESO is offering a an updated  version of AESO 201 to help current and prospective pool participants learn how to join and participate in Alberta’s Energy Market. Learn how to find information about authoritative documents, and how to apply for and participate in the voluntary Operating Reserve market.

    Recommended prerequisite: AESO 101 and/or a strong understanding of concepts covered in AESO 101

    Registration for the Calgary session is now closed. Edmonton dates for fall 2018 to be scheduled.

    AESO 201 course outline


    Learning outcome

    Alberta’s Energy Market: Joining and Participating

    • Types of pool participants and assets that exist in Alberta, and the different ways they can participate in the Energy Market
    • Requirements for joining the Energy Market
    • Requirements for submitting energy offers and restatements, and know how to submit them using the Energy Trading System
    • Receiving dispatches and communications through the Automated Dispatch and Messaging System
    • Energy Market settlement timelines and key settlement dates
    • Market Compliance Monitoring timelines
    • Requesting information about authoritative documents through the Request for Information (RFI) process
    Operating Reserve Market
    • Purpose of different Operating Reserve products
    • How the AESO procures Operating Reserve products
    • Compensation of OR providers
    • Where to find technical requirements to become an Operating Reserve provider
    • Applying to provide Operating Reserves
    • Fee $129.00
    • Location Canada Olympic Park, Calgary, AB
    • Date & time May 16, 2018, 08:30 AM to 12:30 PM, MST