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    AESO 101

    AESO 101 provides Market Participants and interested groups important information on Alberta’s unique electricity market, how the AESO operates the grid and maintains reliability, and how Alberta’s transmission system is studied, planned, and built.

    Registration has closed. Watch the AESO Stakeholder Newsletter to be notified of future sessions.



     Alberta’s electricity market and industry
    • Structure of Alberta’s electricity industry
    • Agencies involved in Alberta’s electricity market
    • Roles and responsibilities of the AESO
    • Purpose of an Energy-only market
    • Purpose of Ancillary Services
    • Types of authoritative documents that govern Alberta’s market

    Operating the grid

    • Responsibilities of the system controller
    • How the system controller maintains reliability
    • Alberta’s interactions with other jurisdictions
    • Managing contingencies

    Transmission system planning

    • Legislation that determines how the AESO plans the transmission system
    • Processes used to assess the transmission system
    • Roles of different parties involved in the planning and building process

    Renewable Electricity Program (REP)

    • Purpose of the REP
    • Timelines of the current REP rounds 2 and 3
    • Indexed REC and the flow of funds
    • Fee $229.00
    • Location MacEwan University City Centre Campus, Edmonton, AB

    • Date & time October 29, 2018, 08:30 AM to 04:00 PM, MST