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    Request for Feedback on 2021 Budget Review Process Invitation and Process Materials

    The AESO is extending an invitation to stakeholders who have an interest in participating in the 2021 Budget Review Process (BRP), which will be used to establish the AESO’s business plan and budget for 2021. The intent of this period’s BRP is to:

    • provide the AESO’s 2021 forecasts of Transmission Line Losses and Ancillary Services Costs, and
    • consult on the Business Initiatives and Own Costs proposed for 2021. It is also intended to assist the AESO Board in formalizing its Board Decision regarding the proposed budget and forecasts.

    The AESO values stakeholders’ input into this process and its forecasts. If you are interested in taking part in this BRP, we invite you to confirm your intention to participate and to provide your feedback to the AESO on the invitation and process material questions set out in the Stakeholder Comment Matrix 2021 BRP Invitation and Process Materials on or before July 21, 2020.  

    To view the comment matrix and associated materials, please click here and follow the path Business planning and financial reporting > Business plan and budget > 2021

    • Date & time July 21, 2020