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    Comments Due | Existing ARS Program, ARS Development & Monitoring

    As part of the 2022 Budget Review Process, the AESO introduced a new business initiative for 2022 referred to as the ARS Development and Monitoring initiative. Plans for the initiative include a review of the development, compliance monitoring and audit processes for ARS requirements including:

    • Consider a greater adoption of risk-based approaches across the ARS program.
    • Integrate efficiencies into both internally and externally facing processes.
    • Better facilitate a common understanding of ARS requirements and expectations for compliance among market participants.

    For this initial written consultation, the AESO is providing notice and seeking feedback from interested stakeholders on their perspectives as it relates to the current ARS Program, and on identifying and prioritizing areas of potential improvement opportunities. View the ARS Program Components visual for a description of the existing ARS Program development, implementation and compliance monitoring activities.

    We value stakeholder input, and we invite all interested stakeholders to provide their feedback to the AESO via the questions set out in the Stakeholder Comment Matrix Existing ARS Program. We have considered stakeholders’ requests for an extension to the survey submission in order to accommodate the holiday season and allow for more fulsome stakeholder collaboration. As such, the deadline for feedback has been extended to Jan. 21, 2022. 

    Visit the ARS Development & Monitoring page for more information on this consultation.

    • Date & time January 21, 2022, 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM, MST