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    Comments Due | Letter of Notice, Final Draft Amendments, Energy Storage Rule Amendments

    As indicated in the AESO’s Oct. 28, 2022 update letter, the AESO is proposing a significant structural shift in the technical and operating ISO rules to implement the full suite of technical and operating requirements for foreseeable forms of energy storage. Division 502 of the ISO rules has been transitioned to a fully “requirement-based” structure under new Division 503 within the final draft rules. To assist stakeholders, the AESO has developed a table of concordance and a visual Sankey diagram to trace the transfer and consolidation of the technical and operating requirements from Division 502 to Division 503. Appendix 1 attached to the Letter of Notice also provides a high-level written overview of the changes to the entire ISO rule book.

    As part of the structural shift, a new Section 503.1, Functional Specification and Legacy Treatment has been developed to clarify that Division 503 will apply on a go-forward basis. Stakeholders who have not been actively following this engagement may be interested in reviewing this proposed ISO rule.

    The AESO is seeking written comments from Stakeholders on the final draft Energy Storage ISO Rule Amendments pursuant to Alberta Utilities Commission Rule 017. However, the AESO recognizes that further engagement and rule revisions may be required before finalizing the ISO rules for filing. The AESO is open to conducting another session in early 2023, if necessary. Stakeholders are asked to indicate in their written comments if an additional session would be helpful and, if so, to identify the topics and questions for the focus of the session.

    The deadline for written feedback on the Energy Storage ISO Rule Amendments is Dec. 19, 2022.

    Visit the Energy Storage Rule Amendments page for more information on this consultation.

    • Date & time December 19, 2022, 12:00 AM, MST