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    Energy Storage Industry Learnings Forum (ESILF)

    Key dates

    • Sept. 18, 2020 | AESO Energy Storage Industry Learnings Forum Workshop 1

    Introduction and purpose

    The AESO organized the Energy Storage Industry Learnings Forum (ESILF) to gather energy storage industry leaders together to discuss key learnings from energy storage integration in other jurisdictions as well as to share their perspectives on energy storage topics to assist the AESO in facilitating the integration of energy storage in Alberta.

    The scope of the ESILF is to provide expertise and key learnings to the AESO on targeted matters related to the integration of energy storage in Alberta. The ESILF will be an information gathering forum for the AESO, not a decision body.


    The ESILF membership broadly represents a cross-section of industry leaders with energy storage experience. To keep topic discussions meaningful and effective, membership was targeted without compromising stakeholder representation and required expertise. After careful consideration, the members for the ESILF have been selected and the membership list can be found in the Materials section below.

    As per the ESILF Terms of Reference, the ESILF recognizes that not all of the AESO’s stakeholders will be represented within the ESILF and to support the AESO’s commitment to transparency the forum membership (individual and organization names as relevant), agendas, relevant discussion materials, presentations and meeting summaries will be posted on

    Proposed Schedule


    Note: Session dates once finalized will be shared with stakeholders.


    If you have any questions, please contact and subscribe to our stakeholder newsletter for updates.