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    Recalculated 2009 loss factors

    Loss factors are used to determine the transmission losses charges that apply to system access service under the following rates of the ISO tariff in 2009: 

    • Rate STS, Supply Transmission Service
    • Rate XOS, Export Opportunity Service
    • Rate IOS, Import Opportunity Service
    • Rate DOS, Demand Opportunity Service 

    The AESO must recalculate loss factors and losses charges in accordance with Decisions 790-D04-2016 and 790-D06-2017 of the Alberta Utilities Commission in Proceeding 790, Complaints Regarding the ISO Transmission Loss Factor Rule and Loss Factor Methodology. The recalculated 2009 loss factors are provided here: 

    The AESO must provide additional information related to the recalculated loss factors. This additional information is provided here: 

    Actual losses on the transmission system were 2,516 GWh for 2009 and the average loss factor for the transmission system was 4.53% for 2009.