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    Keephills Area Transmission Reconfiguration

    Recent studies have shown the existing transmission system in the Keephills area needs to be reconfigured to continue to provide a reliable supply of electricity to areas in Northwest Alberta and the area west of the City of Edmonton.

    Key Documents 

    • Keephills Area Transmission Reconfiguration Project Newsletter [Posted: February 27, 2018]

    Approval of System Access Service Request

    The AESO approved this request for transmission system access under our abbreviated needs approval process (ANAP). The process is outlined in section 501.3 of the ISO rules, Abbreviated Needs Approval Process.

    AESO Approval Letter - Keephills Area Transmission Reconfiguration (March 15, 2018)

    Supporting Documents:

    (a) The Keephills Area Transmission Re-configuration Engineering Study Report, prepared by the AESO;

    (b) TFO Project Cost Estimates, prepared by AltaLink Management Ltd. (AltaLink) and EPCOR Distribution and Transmission Inc. for the Project;

    (c) AESO PIP Summary, A summary of the PIP carried out by AltaLink and the AESO, prepared by the AESO, for the Project;

    (d) Land use and Environment Aspects Confirmation Letter of AltaLink’s assessment of land use and environment aspects, submitted by AltaLink; for the Project

    (e) AESO Transmission Planning Criteria – Basis and Assumptions, prepared by the AESO; and

    (f)  AESO Functional Specification – Keephills Area Transmission Re-Configuration Functional Specification V1 dated February 14, 2018, prepared by the AESO.

    Contact us

    Please contact us directly with questions or comments about the need for this transmission reconfiguration at or 1-888-866-2959.

    Latest updates

    • Feb. 27, 2018 Keephills Area Transmission Reconfiguration