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    Sheridan 2085S Substation

    The Alberta Electric System Operator has revised its proposed solution to respond to the request for transmission system access made by ATCO Electric Ltd. (ATCO) to serve a new and existing demand for electricity in the Jasper area. ATCO’s request can be met by the following solution:

    • Add a new substation, to be called Sheridan 2085S, with two 69/25 kilovolt (kV) transformers, two 69 kV circuit breakers, and associated equipment;
    • Add approximately 60 kilometres of 69 kV transmission line connecting the proposed Sheridan 2085S substation to the existing Watson Creek 104S substation; and
    • Upgrade the existing Watson Creek 104S substation by adding two 138/69 kV transformers, two 138 kV circuit breakers, and associated equipment. 

    Need overview

    Notification of regulatory filing advertisement

    Needs Identification Document

    Sheridan 2085S Substation Needs Identification Document [Posted: October 28, 2016]

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