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    SS-36 Substation Upgrade

    Enmax Power Corp (Enmax) has applied to the AESO for transmission system access to improve the reliability of the electricity services in Northwest Calgary.  Enmax ‘s request can be met by the following solution:

    • Upgrade the existing SS-36 substation, including replacing the 138/69 kilovolt (kV) transformer with one of higher capacity.
    • Add or modify associated equipment as required for the above transmission developments.

    Need Overview

    Need for the SS-36 Substation Upgrade in the City of Calgary [Posted: May 10, 2018]

    Approval of System Access Service Request

    The AESO approved this request for transmission system access under our abbreviated needs approval process (ANAP). The process is outlined in section 501.3 of the ISO rules, Abbreviated Needs Approval Process.

    AESO Approval Letter -ENMAX SS-36 Substation Upgrade (July 20, 2018)

    Supporting Documents:

    Latest updates

    • Jul. 20, 2018 AESO ANAP Approval - SS-36 Substation Upgrade
    • May. 10, 2018 Need for the SS-36 Substation Upgrade in the City of Calgary