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    Capacity market transition

    On November 23, 2016 the Government of Alberta (GoA) announced its endorsement of the AESO’s recommendation to transition from an energy market to a new framework that includes an energy market and a capacity market.

    The AESO recommended a capacity market for the following reasons:

    • Ensures reliability as Alberta’s electricity system evolves
    • Increases stability of prices
    • Provides greater revenue certainty for generators
    • Maintains competitive market forces and drives innovation and cost discipline
    • Supports policy direction and is adaptable for the future

    The AESO will ensure this transition supports the Renewable Electricity Program and the phase-out of emissions from coal-fired generation by 2030.

    The AESO is responsible for designing and implementing the capacity market. This process is expected to take three years and a capacity market is anticipated to be in place by 2021.

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    Questions and answers

    For answers to common questions about Alberta's transition to a capacity market, view our Q&A document.

    Recommendation paper

    Additional resources