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    Stakeholder engagement

    The AESO is committed to a transparent stakeholder engagement process; we will engage with stakeholders on an ongoing basis to design the best possible framework for Alberta. 

    June 27

    The AESO has posted an updated membership list, proposed meeting schedule and work plan for the capacity market design working groups. Individual pages have been created for each of the five working groups where meeting materials will be posted. Click here for more information.

    June 20

    Kick-off meetings for the design stream working groups took place in early June. Please see below to view the presentations.

    Adequacy and Demand Curve Determination

    Eligibility and Capacity Value Determination

    Energy and Ancillary Services

    Market Mechanics

    Procurement and Hedging

    June 7

    The AESO has confirmed its selections for the design stream working groups that will help the AESO develop the design of Alberta’s capacity market. Please click here for a list of Members.

    June 1

    The AESO will be notifying applicants who have been selected for the design stream working groups on Friday, June 2. A list of working group members will be posted when all members have been confirmed. Kick-off meetings for the five working groups are scheduled for the following dates:

    Thursday, June 8—Eligibility and Capacity Value Determination
    Friday, June 9—Energy and Ancillary Services
    Tuesday, June 13—Market Mechanics
    Wednesday, June 14—Adequacy and Demand Curve Determination
    Thursday, June 15—Procurement and Hedging

    Agendas and any related discussion material will be posted on this page in advance of these meetings.

    Please email with feedback or questions.

    May 18

    The AESO has published the May 17 webinar recording.

    May 16

    The AESO has posted the presentation for its May 17 stakeholder session on capacity market design.

    The AESO has posted a document showing the relationship between starting points in the Straw Alberta Market 1.0 proposal and detailed design questions.

    May 12

    The AESO is organizing stakeholder working groups to develop recommendations for the design of Alberta’s capacity market. Stakeholders who are interested in becoming a member of a working group are encouraged to review the terms of reference and complete the application for working groups. The deadline for applications is May 24, 2017.

    May 11

    The AESO has posted the Straw Alberta Market (SAM 1.0) – Proposal for discussion.

    May 5

    The AESO has posted terms of reference for capacity market design working groups here.

    May 2

    Following the stakeholder session held on April 25, 2017, the AESO has posted an update on capacity market design activities. Please click here for more information.

    April 25

    The presentation and a recording of the April 25, 2017 stakeholder session on capacity market design is now available for review. 

    April 21

    The AESO has posted further information regarding the upcoming April 25, 2017 stakeholder session.

    The following documents address key themes that emerged in stakeholder feedback from the January 12 and 16, 2017 stakeholder sessions.

    March 30

    Save the date for upcoming session

    The AESO will host a stakeholder session to review and confirm the desired end state, criteria and assumptions for capacity market design on April 25, 2017. Similar to the February session, participants will be able to attend this next stakeholder session either in-person or remotely via webinar. Please register for the webinar at the following link:

    For further details about this session please click here.

    Review of capacity market designs

    The AESO commissioned Charles River Associates to conduct a review of capacity market designs in the US and Europe. The report identifies  commonly accepted practices and lessons learned in designing these capacity markets. The report also discusses key characteristics of Alberta’s electricity system that may influence design choices. This report provides a useful base of information for the AESO and stakeholders to consider as we move into the detailed design phase of developing Alberta’s capacity market. 

    A Case Study in Capacity Market Design and Considerations for Alberta

    A Case Study in Capacity Market Design and Considerations for Alberta - Appendices

    February 7

    The AESO hosted a capacity market design education session on Feb. 7, 2017 in Calgary. Charles River Associates presented A Capacity Market Primer for Alberta.

    View the webinar recording here.

    January 12 and 16

    Kick-off consultation sessions were held in Calgary and Edmonton. To view a copy of our presentation, click here.

    The AESO requested feedback on the content for this session. Thank you to those who responded to our request. Click here for stakeholder feedback.