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    Implementing the capacity market

    We thank all stakeholders for their contributions to implement the capacity market. Information below is for historical reference only. The Government of Alberta announced on July 24, 2019 that the capacity market will not be implemented, and the energy-only market will continue.

    • Tariff designs for cost allocation

      The AESO is engaging stakeholders on the combined issues of the ISO tariff design for allocating the costs of capacity procurement and bulk and regional transmission. The AESO recognizes that the cost allocation and bulk/regional tariff designs may have different timelines and may be advanced at different paces during the combined stakeholder engagement process.

      For more information on how these engagement streams are progressing and to view current stakeholder engagement opportunities, click here. 

      tariff design timelineFor more information on the ISO tariff, which includes the rates, terms and conditions that apply to persons connected to the transmission system, please click here