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    Energy storage

    As part of the Dispatchable Renewables and Energy Storage (DR&ES) report the AESO recommended creating a roadmap to set a direction for integrating energy storage in the province. The AESO recognizes the importance of effectively defining energy storage resources for Alberta. Where needed we will be working with government, agencies and stakeholders to remove any artificial barriers to successfully integrate storage into the Alberta Interconnected Electric System (AIES). The energy storage roadmap will be the vehicle the AESO uses to accomplish this work.

    Over the coming months the AESO will continue to work through initial, high level elements of the roadmap based on the analysis, consultations and jurisdictional review completed as part of the DR&ES report. By mid-2019 the AESO will again engage with stakeholders. These discussions will be essential to developing a successful roadmap for Alberta and ultimately integrating storage projects in the province.    

    If you have questions on this initiative, please contact


    Invitation: AESO Energy Storage Roadmap & Flexibility Roadmap Information Session