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    Energy storage

    Energy Storage Roadmap

    The Energy Storage Roadmap sets out our plan to facilitate the integration of energy storage technologies into AESO Authoritative Documents and grid & market systems. This will improve the clarity required for market qualification and participation, and enable efficient, effective connection, monitoring and control of energy storage facilities when connected.

    We built the Energy Storage Roadmap content on a strong foundation of pre-existing work we began in 2012 with insights from a range of stakeholders including storage proponents, and owners of generating facilities, transmission facilities and electric distribution systems.

    We value stakeholder input and we thank you for sharing your perspectives with us. We will consider this stakeholder input in further development and implementation of the Energy Storage Roadmap. A summary of all input received is available here. We also developed responses to the questions that accompanied the feedback on the Energy Storage Roadmap and those questions and answers (Q&As) are available here

    Next steps

    We are working on the development of a 2020 plan for the proposed Energy Storage Roadmap integration activities in close coordination with other initiatives in development related to distributed energy resources (DER), coordinated planning, the 2020 Plan for Market-Related Initiatives and the ISO Tariff Design for Allocating Costs of Bulk and Regional Transmission.

    Request for feedback

    Thank you for your participation in the Energy Storage Progress Update webinar. We would appreciate your input on the session, so we can work to continuously improve. Please click here to complete the short session survey by March 31, 2020.

    Energy Storage Industry Learnings Forum

    The AESO is organizing an Energy Storage Industry Learnings Forum (ESILF) to provide expertise and key learnings to the AESO on targeted matters related to the integration of energy storage in Alberta. The ESILF will be an information gathering forum for the AESO, not a decision body. 

    After careful consideration, the members for the ESILF have been selected. View the membership list here or find it in the Materials section below.

    As per the ESILF Terms of Reference (see Materials section), the ESILF recognizes that not all of the AESO’s stakeholders will be represented within the ESILF and to support the AESO’s commitment to transparency the forum membership (individual and organization names as relevant), agendas, relevant discussion materials, presentations and meeting summaries will be posted on,



    If you have any questions, please contact and subscribe to our stakeholder newsletter for updates.