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    Energy storage

    Large-scale energy storage technology can allow a greater level of renewable generation to be integrated into the electric system in Alberta. Introducing a new technology to the grid requires caution and planning. In June 2013, the AESO launched an energy storage initiative. We are exploring how energy storage can improve the grid without compromising reliability and efficiency.

    Rules were filed with the Alberta Utilities Commission and became effective April 25, 2016 on Battery Facility Energy Storage Operating Requirements and Battery Facility Energy Storage Technical Requirements.

    We are currently working to determine rate treatment for energy storage facilities. Consultation began this year and we will be filing our proposal with the regular tariff filing in 2017.

    The AESO is also consulting on Operating Reserve rules to allow technology neutral participation in regulating, spinning and supplemental reserves. This will allow technology such as storage to provide these services.

    More information on the initiative can be found below.

    Energy storage recommendation paper

    Energy storage integration discussion paper

    Energy storage issue identification paper