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    Intertie restoration

    Interties are transmission interconnections between neighbouring electric systems that allow power to be imported and exported. Alberta currently has three operating interties between British Columbia, Montana and Saskatchewan.

    The current total transfer capability is:

    • 153 MW for both export and import with Saskatchewan
    • 315 MW export and 310 MW import with Montana
    • 1000 MW export and 800 MW import with British Columbia

    The AESO is working on restoring the intertie between Alberta and B.C. and Montana to full path capability.

    Import capability workshop

    Transfer capability limits workshop

    Intertie restoration information session

    Load shed service for import session

    Intertie restoration recommendation paper

    Intertie restoration recommendation paper [Posted: October 7, 2010]

    Stakeholder comments

    Intertie restoration discussion paper

    Intertie restoration initiative discussion paper [Posted: March 25, 2010]

    Stakeholder comments