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    Status of Keephills Unit 1 (KH1) and Sundance Unit 4 (SD4) – Reduction in Maximum Capability, effective January 01, 2022

    The AESO has posted an update to the status of Assets KH1 and SD4. Please click here for updated information.

    TransAlta Corporation has notified the AESO of their decision to cease active coal mining operations at the Highvale Mine by December 31, 2021, resulting in gas-only operations for the Sundance and Keephills generating assets. In this regard, TransAlta Corporation assets Keephills 1 (KH1) and Sundance 4 (SD4) are not expected to be fully converted from coal to gas by the end of 2021, and as a result, their maximum capabilities will be permanently decreased as follows (effective January 01, 2022):

    • maximum capability for Keephills 1 will decrease from 395 MW to approx. 70 MW.
    • maximum capability for Sundance 4 will decrease from 406 MW to approx. 113 MW.

    Please note that this communication previously indicated that AESO IT systems would be updated to reflect the future MC changes. Upon further evaluation of the IT changes that would be necessary to reflect the above future MC changes into our reporting, the AESO has determined it will not be cost effective and therefore prudent to implement the future MC changes into our reports. The AESO has provided a notice at the bottom of each of the affected reports to advise of this. The MC changes will be reflected in our reports once they become effective in real time on the effective date listed above.