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    Automated Dispatch and Messaging System ("ADaMS") Notice

    The implementation of the top-of-the-current-minute only dispatch effective time has been revised. The AESO has implemented a change to how dispatch instructions are sent out through ADaMS, effective June 30, 2021.

    This change will impact all current hour dispatch instructions. Effective June 30, 2021, the dispatch effective time will be top-of-the-current-minute plus 1 minute.

    Top-of-the-hour advance dispatch instructions will be unchanged and communicated as they currently are. Pool participants are still subject to acknowledge dispatch instructions within 2 minutes as per Section 201.7 - Dispatches, of the ISO rules. The dispatch effective time for Contingency Reserve directive instructions will not be impacted by the change. Performance assessments for operating reserve dispatches will continue to be measured according to the requirements outlined in Division 205 - Ancillary Services Market, of the ISO rules.

    If you have any questions or to obtain an updated copy of the manual, please email us at