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    Stakeholder engagement on Grid and Market Tool Investment and provision of data

    The AESO is committed to delivering a long-term sustainable investment plan supporting system reliability, the energy and ancillary services markets, and technology integration across the electricity value chain.  In addition, the AESO recognizes the importance of accessible and relevant data to a wide variety of stakeholders in ensuring a reliable electricity system and in enabling a fair, efficient and openly competitive (FEOC) market.

    We see an opportunity to enhance the Market Participant’s experience by seeking input in the development of our Grid and Market tools. Having Market Participant input will provide clarity to the value we expect to gain from these future investments, and to ensure that the provision and use of data by stakeholders is value-centered. The input is part of the AESO’s objective to increase the focus on the business drivers both from an internal and external industry perspective.

    To embrace our industry’s Technology Transformation, AESO’s overall investment strategy strives to achieve maximum value at the lowest possible cost for all our Grid and Market systems and in our provision of various data products. In the next few months, we are looking to set up a Market Participant user group to better understand your requirements, ensuring we provide operational efficiencies, data security and streamlined interactions between AESO and Participants. This new user group will follow the same framework and replace the IPPSA user group established in late 2019.

    This structured engagement will start with users of AESO’s Energy Trading System (ETS) and Automatic Dispatch and Messaging System (ADaMS) and expand to other potential areas such as the AESO’s new Enterprise Portal, mechanisms for accessing, analyzing and visualizing data. Stay tuned for an invitation to the session.

    Murray Mueller

    AESO - Director Operations System