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    Market Transition Update

    Based on the attendance at the January 12 and 16 sessions and the comments submitted, we are pleased with the level of interest and engagement in capacity market design so far. We are eager to sustain this momentum as we move into the design work.

    To that end, we will be hosting a facilitated stakeholder session in late April. The primary focus of this session will be to review and confirm the desired end state, criteria and assumptions for the capacity market. We presented these themes at the January sessions and received helpful feedback from stakeholders.  The April session will allow us to discuss additional thoughts on these items before we finalize them.     

    Also, we are currently developing our stakeholder engagement approach and we plan to introduce it at this session. Many stakeholders have suggested that the AESO form a steering or advisory committee and working groups in order to expedite the work of designing the capacity market. These are promising ideas and as we think about how they could be implemented, we are considering how quality and representativeness of stakeholder feedback may be balanced with timeliness.

    Details on the April session will be provided when logistics are confirmed. We will work to provide as much material as possible in advance in order to extract the most value from this next session. 

    One final note: the jurisdictional review we mentioned at the February education session is nearing completion and we hope to release it shortly.

    Thank you for your continuing interest and commitment to this exciting initiative.