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    New Digital Certificates and client manager required for all pool participants

    Existing digital certificates used to access the Energy Trading System (ETS) will soon need to be updated in order to continue using ETS.

    The AESO is moving to a new third-party platform and the existing portal will no longer work. We are making this change for several reasons including:

    • Improved security against cyber-attacks;
    • Additional benefits and features; and
    • The new platform will be compatible with current internet browsers.

    In addition to requiring new digital certificates, everyone using ETS will require a “client manager” application that must be installed on their computer.

    The deadline for these changes is June 30, 2018. Both the updated digital certificates and the client manager will be rolled out to all pool participants over the coming months. The AESO will contact everyone with existing digital certificates to facilitate the roll-out in a phased manner.

    If you have any questions regarding the new digital certificates or client manager, please contact