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    Renewable Electricity Program

    The Renewable Electricity Program (REP) is intended to encourage the development of large-scale renewable electricity generation to support the Government of Alberta’s target of 30 per cent renewable electricity by 2030. The AESO is responsible for implementing and administering the program through a series of competitions that will incent the development of renewable electricity generation through the purchase of renewable attributes.  

    REP long-term plan

    On February 26, 2019 the Government of Alberta announced a long-term plan to achieve the target of 30 per cent renewable electricity by 2030. As part of this plan, the AESO was directed to develop recommendations for REP Round 4 and incorporate any findings resulting from our evaluation of the Renewable Electricity Program. We submitted our recommendations to the government on June 3, 2019. Please see the REP engagement page for more details.

    REP Rounds 2 and 3

    The AESO successfully ran two separate but parallel competitions in 2018. REP Rounds 2 and 3 built off the tremendous success of REP Round 1 in 2017. Strong competition from local and international investors demonstrates Alberta continues to attract significant interest in developing renewables projects at competitively low bid prices.

    Click here to read the Government of Alberta’s announcement of the results of REP Rounds 2 and 3, and see our infographics below for key highlights. To learn more about the first three REP competitions, please see the REP Results page.

               REP 4                REP 5                    

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