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    Participate in the REP

    Interested in participating in the Renewable Electricity Program? See below for key details, and visit our News and updates page and Stakeholder FAQ for additional information. For general REP inquiries, please contact

    The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for REP Round 1 is now closed. The AESO thanks those who submitted an RFQ submission. For more information, click here.

    About REP Round 1

    • Will procure up to 400 MW of renewable electricity capacity
    • Must be operational in 2019
    • Applicable to new or expanded projects in Alberta (click here for eligibility requirements of “new” and “expanded” projects)
    • Must be equal to or greater than 5 MW
    • Must meet the Natural Resources Canada definition of renewable energy
    • Must utilize the existing transmission and/or distribution system
    • An Indexed Renewable Energy Credit will be used

    Key details of the RFQ and RFP

    The AESO believes it is important for stakeholders to have an early understanding of key features specific to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP) stages for the first competition. 

    • RFQ

      General requirements

      • Bidders must pay a non-refundable qualification fee to participate
      • Bidders must describe their project teams
      • Bidders must demonstrate their qualifications in three categories:
        • Project eligibility
        • Financial strength and capacity
        • Technical capability

      Financial strength & capacity

      • Does the bidder have sufficient net worth relative to the proposed project size?
      • Can the bidder confirm that no current or reasonably foreseeable event could have a material adverse impact on the bidder’s current financial standing?
      • Can a financial sponsor or guarantor provide confirmation of willingness to support the bidder?
      • Can the bidder provide confirmation of the equity contribution and description of how the bidder intends to secure it in order to construct the project?

      Technical capability

      • Has the bidder been involved in recent projects of similar size and/or complexity?
      • Does the bidder have experience in each stage of project development (e.g. siting, stakeholder consultation, land acquisition), construction and operation?
      • Has the bidder provided a narrative description of its relevant experience?
    • RFP

      General requirements

      • Bid security must be provided with submissions
      • Bidders must confirm their project teams have not changed
      • Bidders must demonstrate no material adverse impact on financial standing has occurred since the RFQ stage
      • Bidders must submit a final binding offer (i.e. bid price)
      • Winning bidders will be selected based on lowest price