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    REP stakeholder FAQ

    The AESO is pleased to provide responses to frequently asked questions about the Renewable Electricity Program and REP Round 1.

    The AESO thanks attendees for their interest and participation at the REOI information session on April 18, 2017. We received approximately 250 questions at the session and answered many of them during the Q&A period. The remaining questions were reviewed, categorized and addressed in the REP Round 1 FAQ below, along with frequently asked questions received before the REOI opened. For a list of the questions submitted in person and via webinar on April 18 that were not answered during the information session, see REOI Information Session Outstanding Questions below.

    A question and answer period for the REP Round 1 RFQ stage will be open from April 28 – June 9, 2017. All inquiries related to the RFQ and draft RESA must be submitted to the AESO through the REP SharePoint site. For all other general REP inquiries, please contact