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    Load settlement

    Financial settlement in the electricity market

    We monitor market participant compliance with the Settlement System Code rules for Alberta's electricity market, as set out in Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) Rule 021. We monitor transaction data, processes and systems to ensure the retail electricity market is settled accurately.

    View AUC Rule 021 here:

    Email load settlement questions or comments to

    Settlement error correction

    Errors detected before final settlement can be rectified using pre final error correction (PFEC). If you find errors after final settlement, the post final adjustment mechanism (PFAM) can be used to correct them.

    Download PFAM, Retailer Adjustment to Market charges (RAM) and PFEC information here:


    Compliance reporting

    We monitor both load settlement agents (LSAs) and meter data managers (MDMs) for load settlement accuracy in accordance with AUC Rule 021.

    As per Section 11.2.2 of AUC Rule 021, LSAs are required to submit system performance diagnostic reports for each final settlement run on a monthly basis. These must be submitted to the AESO within five business days of each final settlement run.

    As per Section 11.2.1 of AUC Rule 021, MDMs are required to submit monthly interval metering data reports, which are to be submitted to the AESO by the last business day of each month for the monthly and final settlement runs performed during that same month.

    Formatting of each report should be consistent with the templates below:

    LSA SPDR Template
    MDM Reporting Template

    Email all completed reports to this address:

    MDM statistics for interval metering

    Unaccounted for energy (UFE)—settlement zone tolerances

    As required by AUC Rule 021 Section 4.2.2 (2) (d), the AESO makes the Average Zone UFE available to all market participants. The AESO has calculated the following values using the average of the last 12 months’ UFE averages for all settlement zones.

    The purpose of the Settlement Zone Specific UFE is to account for any skew that may exist within each settlement zone. In order to meet the overall UFE tolerance guidelines, the UFE for any given zone must fall within the tolerances provided in AUC Rule 021, Section 4.2.

    There are two types of tolerances: general and zone specific. The zone specific tolerances fit within the general tolerances. More specifically, the UFE must fall within the zone specific tolerances based on the below Average Zone UFE percentage. In addition, regardless of the zone specific range, the UFE must not exceed the general tolerances.

    The zone specific ranges were calculated by adding or subtracting the Zone Specific Threshold from the Average Zone UFE. Where the calculated value was greater than the General Threshold, the maximum value of the General Threshold was used —this has been indicated by the value highlighted in yellow.