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    2015 Deferral Account Reconciliation

    This stakeholder engagement affects the following:

    Rider C - Deferral Account Adjustment Rider.


    **Note, the AESO 2015 Deferral Account Reconciliation application was approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission on March 14, 2017 in Decision 21735-D02-2017** 


    Section 14 of the Electric Utilities Act requires that "on an annual basis, no profit or loss results from its [the AESO's] operation." As a result, any variances arising between the actual costs the AESO incurs and the forecast amounts recovered in rates are refunded to or recovered from market participants by the use of deferral accounts. In 2016 the AESO will be filing a comprehensive deferral account reconciliation application for 2015 with the Alberta Utilities Commission. The application will also include second, third or fourth deferral account reconciliations for 2010-2014. The application will be reviewed and approved through a regulatory proceeding in accordance with a schedule set by the Commission.

    Consultation on 2015 Deferral Account Reconciliation

    AESO 2015 Deferral Account Reconciliation - 2016-05-03 Presentation [Posted: May 3, 2016]

    AESO 2015 Deferral Account Reconciliation - AESO Consultation Invitation [Posted: April 12, 2016]