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    INT Standards Package

    Amended Forwarding Notice:

    a)     Proposed New Alberta reliability standards:

    1. INT-006-AB-4, Evaluation of Interchange Transactions;
    2. INT-009-AB-2.1, Implementation of Interchange; and
    3. INT-010-AB-2.1, Interchange Initiation and Modification for Reliability

    (collectively referred to as the “new INT Standards”)

    b)    Retirement of existing Alberta reliability standards:

    1. INT-001-AB-3, Interchange Information;
    2. INT-003-AB-2, Interchange Transaction Implementation;
    3. INT-006-AB-2, Response to Interchange Authority;
    4. INT-009-AB-1, Implementation of Interchange; and
    5. INT-010-AB-1, Interchange Coordination Exemptions

    (collectively referred to as the “existing INT Standards”)

    c)     Retirement of reliability standards previously assessed as non-applicable in Alberta:

    1. INT-004-2, Dynamic Interchange Transaction Modifications;
    2. INT-005-3, Interchange Authority Distributes Arranged Interchange;
    3. INT-007-1, Interchange Confirmation;
    4. INT-008-3, Interchange Authority Distributes Status; and
    5. INT-011-1, Intra-Balancing Authority Transaction Identification

    (collectively referred to as the “non-applicable INT Standards”)