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    Proposed Wind, Solar, AGF and DER Rule Amendments

    This stakeholder consultation affects the following:

    Proposed New and Amended ISO Rules:

    a)  Proposed Amended Section 202.5, Supply Surplus;

    b)  Proposed Amended Section 202.6, Adequacy of Supply;

    c)  Proposed Amended Section 304.3, Wind and Solar Power Ramp Up Management;

    d)  Proposed New Section 304.9, Wind and Solar Aggregated Generating Facility Forecasting;

    e)  Proposed Amended Section 502.1, Aggregated Generating Facilities Technical Requirements;

    f)  Proposed Amended Section 502.3, Interconnected Electric System Protection Requirements;

    g) Proposed Amended Section 502.8, SCADA Technical and Operating Requirements; and

    h) Proposed New Section 502.16, Aggregated Generating Facilities Operating Requirements

    (collectively, the “Wind, Solar, AGF and DER Rule Amendments”)