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    Optimizing the Transmission system stakeholder session

    On the morning of September 15, 2020, the AESO hosted a stakeholder information session to share an overview of the enhanced approach that the AESO is utilizing to optimize the transmission grid in Alberta. Stakeholders gained an understanding of what transmission optimization means and how the AESO utilizes optimization for projects. 

    Session objectives

    • Create awareness of tools the AESO is employing to optimize and efficiently utilize transmission system capability
    • Create understanding of the AESO’s use of milestones
    • Understand the concept of congestion, and how it is measured
    • Understand how the AESO utilizes congestion assessments
    • Create awareness of the AESO’s planning approach and the use of Section 15(2) Exception Applications

    Out-of-scope for the engagement

    The following topics were out-of-scope and not discussed as part of the Optimizing the Transmission system engagement session:

    • Project-specific questions
    • Changes to the regulatory framework (e.g. TReg, TPL standards)
    • 2018 GTA Decision and Corresponding Compliance Filing Items
    • AESO Connection Process



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