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    Proposed New Alberta Reliability Standard CIP-012-AB-1, Cyber Security – Communications between Control Centres

    Forwarding notice forwarded and approved

    The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) issued Decision 27372-D01-2022 on Jun. 8, 2022 approving proposed new CIP-012-AB-1 effective Jul. 1, 2022.

    A forwarding notice for approval of proposed new CIP-012-AB-1 was submitted on May 12, 2022 to the AUC. For information regarding the forwarding notice, or on the status of the proceeding, please visit the Commission’s eFiling site and go to proceeding #27372.


    In the Consultation Letter the AESO states the purpose of proposed new CIP-012-AB-1 is to protect the confidentiality and integrity of real time assessment and real time monitoring data transmitted between control centres. This reliability standard applies to the AESO and to market participants. CIP-012-AB-1 requires applicable entities to have documented plans to mitigate the risks posed by unauthorized disclosure and unauthorized modification of real time assessment and real time monitoring data while being transmitted between any applicable control centres.

    • Proposed New Standard | Nov. 3, 2021


      In the Consultation Letter the AESO is providing notice and seeking feedback from Stakeholders on the proposed New Alberta Reliability Standard CIP-012-AB-1, Cyber Security – Communications between Control Centres (“CIP-012-AB-1”).

      Request for feedback

      Written comments received from market participants and other interested parties ("Stakeholders") in response to the Alberta Electric System Operator’s (“AESO”) November 3, 2021 Consultation Letter regarding proposed new CIP-012-AB-1 have been posted on the AESO website.

      Thank you to all Stakeholders who participated in this consultation. All written comments received will be considered in the finalization of the proposed new CIP-012-AB-1.

      AESO replies to stakeholder comments

      On December 3, 2021, the AESO posted written comments received regarding proposed new CIP-012-AB-1. The AESO’s replies to comments, including the rationale or basis for the AESO’s position that explains why certain positions were rejected or accepted, are set out in the Stakeholder Comment and AESO Replies Matrix.

      The AESO has made amendments to proposed new CIP-012-AB-1 in response to comments received and to address grammatical errors, which are reflected in the blackline found in the materials below.

      Proposed New Standard materials

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