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    Section 103.5

    Proposed Amended Section 103.5 of the ISO Rules, Net Settlement Instruction

    Application filed and approved

    The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) issued Decision 27200-D01-2022 on Apr. 7, 2022 approving proposed amended Section 103.5 effective May 7, 2022.

    An application for approval of proposed amended Section 103.5 was submitted on Feb. 28, 2022 to the AUC. For information regarding the application, or on the status of the proceeding, you may visit the AUC’s eFiling site and go to proceeding #27200.


    Further to the Letter of Notice, the AESO has reviewed Section 103.5 and determined that there is an opportunity to improve stability with respect to the energy market and reduce the risk of defaults by requiring the delivery of financial security and the AESO’s satisfaction that no adverse effects will occur before a pool participant may cancel a net settlement instruction.

    The AESO has performed a review of Section 103.5 and is proposing amendments that will improve stability with respect to the energy market and reduce the risk of defaults. In addition, the AESO is proposing other administrative amendments that will correct typographical errors, update current drafting style to align with the AESO’s drafting principles, and clarify the language of the ISO rule without changing its effect. 

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