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    Section 502.2

    Amended Section 502.2, Bulk Transmission Line Technical Requirements (“Section 502.2”)

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    In the Letter of Notice for Development, the AESO states that the objectives of the development of amendments to Section 502.2 are to clarify the minimum requirements for the design, construction and operation of bulk transmission lines and, in some cases, reduce the minimum requirements, which will provide certain alternative options and allow more opportunity to drive down costs.


    Over the last number of years, the Transmission Facilities Cost Monitoring Committee (“TFCMC”) began asking questions regarding the requirements within the current Section 502.2 and cost implications. The AESO formed a Technical Work Group (“TWG”) and engaged an independent transmission line expert to review the issues. The TWG explored opportunities to reduce costs, which are being added to projects under the requirements of the existing current Section 502.2, and to clarify technical requirements while maintaining system reliability.

    In addition, the independent transmission line expert undertook a number of technical studies and produced reports which were provided to the TWG.