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    Stakeholder Engagement Framework

    As a stakeholder with a vested interest in ensuring Alberta continues to benefit from reliable and affordable power, your expertise and input is important to us.  

    As we move forward, we want to continuously improve how we engage stakeholders to ensure our approach allows stakeholders’ needs and interests to be consistently, transparently and meaningfully considered.

    Our engagement approach

    We take a principles-based approach to engagement with our stakeholders guided by the following:

    • Principle 1: Inclusive and Accessible
    • Principle 2: Strategic and Coordinated
    • Principle 3: Transparent and Timely
    • Principle 4: Customized and Meaningful

    We developed a draft Stakeholder Engagement Framework (Framework) to guide our engagement approach and we asked for your feedback. We thank all those who shared their perspectives with us. Each submission was reviewed in detail and the input received has already influenced the updating of our Framework and will continue to be considered in guiding our engagement approach going forward. Our finalized Framework includes some minor word changes, reordering the principles and objectives sections as well as the following:

    • Clarity that the success of the Framework is measured on the engagement process rather than the decision outcome (page 3)
    • Expansion of the list of our stakeholder groups to include the end-use customer (page 5)
    • Additional objective for measuring alignment to the principles and reporting on progress (page 6)

    If you have any questions with respect to the Framework and our corporate engagement approach please contact Mike Deising, Director, Communications at 403-539-2462.

    A summary of all input received is available here.

    Next steps

    See below for how we are putting our Framework into action and stay tuned for additional opportunities to get involved!

    • Implementing internal engagement standards and training to ensure adherence to the Framework and consistency across engagements
    • Coordinating engagements across priority initiatives
    • Implementing engagement metrics and an annual survey to measure progress and provide a lookback for improvement opportunities
    • Continuing to improve access to and consistency on how engagement content is shared on

    We are also exploring the value and concept for an annual stakeholder forum as well as opportunities for greater engagement with our senior leaders.


    If you have any other questions, please contact and subscribe to our stakeholder newsletter for updates.