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    AMP Implementation & Section 502.10

    Proposed AMP Implementation and Proposed Amendments to Section 502.10 of the ISO Rules, Revenue Metering System Technical and Operating Requirements

    Application for approval

    An application for approval of AMP Compliance Filing Pursuant to Decisions 25848-D01-2020 and 26215-D01-2021, and Application for Approval of Proposed Amended Section 502.10 was submitted on December 10, 2021 to the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC). For information regarding the application or the status of the proceeding, please visit the AUC’s eFiling site and go to Proceeding #27047.


    In the Letter of Notice for Development the AESO states it is initiating this consultation to ensure that the implementation plan and the adjusted metering practice (AMP) revisions to Section 502.10 are considered in a coordinated manner.

    In Decision 26215-D01-2021, the Commission directed the AESO to “file an application in respect of a proposed adjusted metering practice implementation plan on or before January 1, 2022, jointly with the further amendments to ISO Rule 502.10". The AESO has developed an implementation plan to operationalize the adjusted metering practice and has revised Section 502.10 to include requirements in order to fully operationalize the AMP. These revisions to Section 502.10 include:

    • to ensure that the design and operation of revenue metering, as documented in a functional specification, must allow for appropriate settlement per the ISO tariff; and
    • regarding the installation of revenue metering at the feeder level at new DFO-contracted substations and at DFO-contracted substations that undergo specific types of work.

    The implementation of the adjusted metering practice has cost implications for substations that require the installation of new revenue meters. The AESO has developed it’s recommendations for how the cost of new revenue meters should be treated that is included in the attached, related materials. In addition to the implementation plan and the amendments to Section 502.10, the AESO is also using this opportunity to seek input from stakeholders on cost treatment.

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