Demand Response Working Group

The evolution of the electricity system and market is creating renewed interest in demand response programs.  The AESO has a keen interest in how demand response programs can assist in managing reliability and contribute to a fair, efficient and openly competitive electricity market.  The AESO intends to form a working group with the appropriate breadth and depth of expertise and is a manageable and productive size.  The purpose of the working group will be to develop, evaluate and make recommendations regarding demand response programs within the existing mandate of  the AESO. Those recommendations are intended to form a starting point for full industry consultation on the topic of demand response.

Accordingly, the AESO is exploring stakeholder interest in participating in this working group.   Members can expect to participate in meetings or conference calls every two to four weeks. While unlikely there could be additional work required to achieve the goals of the work group. The goal is to complete the objectives of the work group by 2008 year end. 

Given the potential for geographically dispersed members, the AESO will make best efforts to follow an established schedule and conduct sessions in a manner that allows for remote participation.  Once the AESO forms the working group, we will establish a forum for exchange of ideas over the first few months.  Given the proximity to summer vacations, it does not seem effective to attempt to hold coordinated discussions but rather encourage generation and exchange of ideas as members are available.  In early September, we will kick start the collaborative work on demand response.

If you are interested in participating on this working group, please contact Kris Aksomitis at or 403.539.2646.