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    Micro- and Small Distributed Generation Reporting

    Within Alberta, electric distribution systems are operated by utility companies and are the portion of the electric system that operates at 25 kilovolts or less. These distribution systems are used to deliver electricity from the Alberta interconnected electric system to an end-use customer. A Distributed Energy Resource is any resource that is connected to and can supply energy to an electric distribution system. This includes distribution-connected generation resources and energy storage. This report focuses on distribution-connected generation resources that are smaller than 5,000 kW. These resources are typically connected to a distribution system at customer locations.

    Due to a technical issue, the October 2021 Microgen & DG Report has been delayed. The AESO is working to resolve the issue and post the report. However, there is no expected date at this time. The AESO apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Distribution-connected generation, if it qualifies, can be designated as micro-generation. For the purposes of this report, resources that are not designated as micro-generation will be referred to simply as distributed generation. These reports include a section containing a brief description of each class of generation. In addition, there is data on the number of sites and total installed capacity broken out by energy source.

    Micro- and Small Distributed Generation Reports