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    Settlement and Credit

    We provide financial settlement and credit information for market participants to conduct their business.

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    Settlement dates

    Settlement process guides

    If you are a market participant or are interested in how settlement works, and need help with the power pool financial settlement process, view these guides.

    A step-by-step guide to help you access and review your wholesale electricity market settlement. Zoom A step-by-step guide to help you access and review your wholesale electricity market settlement.

    Energy market disputes

    View the 2022-2023 power pool financial settlement dispute timelines.

    Banking information/treasury

    All transactions related to energy market and transmission settlements must remain separate, deposited into their respective Bank of Montreal accounts without netting energy market and transmission statements. The AESO will electronically transfer amounts owed to participants and customers on the cash settlement date based upon the separate energy market (pool) and transmission statements, without any netting to offset amounts that might be owed to the AESO (i.e. netting transmission and energy market).

    For more information please contact

    Bank of Montreal
    340 – 7 Avenue SW
    Calgary, AB T2P 0X4

    Credit Rating

    The AESO has obtained a credit rating of AA-/Stable from Standard and Poor’s Ratings Services, a leading global provider of independent credit risk research and benchmarks.

    To access Standard and Poor’s rating summary analysis for the AESO, visit

    Please direct any questions to:

    Phone: 403-539-2900

    Financial Security Requirements

    Market participants with financial obligations to the AESO are required to provide financial security to cover at least two months of estimated obligations above their unsecured credit limits (if applicable).  For more information on unsecured limits, acceptable forms of financial security, and general credit information, please see ISO Rules Section 103.3 Financial Security Requirements. 

    For more information, please contact AESO Credit at:

    Phone: 403-539-2900

    Prudential pool price

    At mid month, the AESO will post the Prudential Pool Price, which is the weighted average of actual pool prices (first half of month) plus the forward power price for the balance of the month (adjusted by adding a 15 % multiplier to the price to account for price volatility).

    Please note that Prudential pool prices will change throughout the month due to changing market conditions.  To obtain up-to-date Prudential pool prices, please contact

    2023 prudential pool price

    Month Pool Price
    May $ 175.00
    April $ 141.00
    March $ 171.00
    February $ 153.00
    January $ 191.00

    Monthly reporting

    As part of the AESO’s monthly credit reporting to market participants, the chart in the document below includes the unsecured credit limits and related credit exposures by credit rating category (i.e. AAA, AA, A, BBB) for rated market participants for the preceding two months. The chart also includes credit exposures, financial security and the amount of any unsecured credit granted by the AESO to non-rated market participants.

    To protect the confidentiality of its market participants, the AESO will only provide aggregated information. No information will be provided on an individual market participant basis.