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    Market and system reporting

    Find real-time and historical data on the wholesale electricity price, supply and demand, transmission and generation outages, ancillary services and operating reserves and other resources for market participants.

    All pages include a help section to explain what is shown.

    Featured reports

    Current and historical market reports
    Select and customize market reports related to trading and settlement. For a downloadable table with all reports available categorized into forecast, real-time, after settlement, and historical data, click here.

    Current supply and demand
    A real-time overview of the Alberta electricity system and all generation, demand, imports and exports.

    Price, supply and demand information

    Click the links below for up-to-date information on wholesale electricity price, expected availability of supply, and demand forecasting.

    Forecast and actual pool price 

    System marginal price

    Daily average price

    Interconnection available transfer capacity values

    Supply surplus

    Peak load forecast report

    Seven-day generation availability by fuel type


    Select from a range of reports on transmission and generation outages.

    Daily outage

    Monthly outage

    Approved outages

    Long-range transmission outages

    Supply adequacy

    Click these links for a short and long-term look at Alberta’s electricity supply and demand.

    Supply adequacy

    24-month supply and demand forecast

    Long-term adequacy metrics

    Ancillary services and operating reserves

    The AESO procures operating reserves one business day in advance. View these pages to see what the weekly operating reserve price was, and the week-ahead forecast of operating reserve.

    Seven-day forecast of operating reserves volumes

    Weekly operating reserve price

    Dispatch down service

    View this report to see how much dispatch down service was available in the province:

    Dispatch down service market report

    View this report to see the current and historical monthly transmission must-run reference price:

    Transmission must-run reference price

    Wind power forecast

    View wind power forecasts here:

    12-hour ahead wind power forecast

    Seven-day ahead wind power forecast

    View forecast accuracy information here:

    Monthly wind power forecast vs. actual comparison report

    Additional resources and background

    Current Supply and Demand page historical updates

    Pool price forecast calculation methodology

    Frequently asked questions – short-term and monthly outage graphs

    Connection practices

    Additional market information including participant and asset lists and analysis is available in the data request section.