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    Information Documents

    We develop Information Documents to provide guidance regarding AESO Authoritative Documents, which consist of the ISO rules, the Alberta Reliability Standards and the ISO tariff. Information Documents are not authoritative in that they do not contain any requirements that the AESO or market participants must comply with.

    Authoritative Documents are created by the AESO under the authority of the Electric Utilities Act and that statute's regulations and contain binding legal requirements for both market participants and the AESO. In the event of any discrepancy between an Information Document and any AESO Authoritative Document in effect, the AESO Authoritative Document governs.

    The content of Information Documents may include:

    • AESO contact information relating to an AESO Authoritative Document requirement
    • Forms or templates that market participants may use in order to meet the requirements of an AESO Authoritative Document
    • Information, maps, diagrams and examples that may be helpful to market participants

    We create or amend Information Documents when we determine that guidance may be useful to market participants. If an existing Information Document is no longer useful, we will remove it from our website. Market participants are notified of any new, amended or removed Information Documents through the AESO Stakeholder Newsletter.

    It is not our standard practice to post or provide previous versions of Information Documents. We recommend that market participants maintain copies of posted Information Documents if they wish to track the changes to those documents over time. 

    The following diagram illustrates the key steps to developing, amending or removing an Information Document.

    All Information Documents are posted to our website along with the related Authoritative Document(s). Read about the ISO rules, Alberta Reliability Standards and the ISO tariff here: