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    AESO Board

    Our day-to-day work relies on the leadership and expertise of the AESO Board. Appointed by Alberta’s Minister of Energy, they bring valuable experience from a wide range of industries including engineering, utilities, energy, technology, accounting and law.

    Accountability, transparency and ethical behaviour lie at the core of all AESO business activities. The AESO Board makes sure that our mission, values and principles are visible at all times, and that we are following AESO Bylaws and our AESO Board Charter and Governance document.

    The AESO Board adheres to the procedures set out by the Province of Alberta in the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act. Following best practices in governance, it continually strives to improve its leadership, which includes using the advice of independent, third-party experts.

    On March 13, 2017, the Minister of Energy appointed new members to the AESO Board. Information and biographies will be updated in the near future.

    AESO Board

    • Linda Chambers

      Linda Chambers


      Mrs. Linda Chambers joined the Alberta Electric System Operator Board in April 2010 and is Chair.

      Mrs. Chambers has extensive experience in the electricity sector. Most recently she held the position of Chief Executive Officer at EarthFirst Canada Inc., a wind power company with renewable development initiatives across Canada.

      Prior to that, Mrs. Chambers held senior executive roles at TransAlta Corporation for 12 years, including President of TransAlta USA and Executive Vice-President of Generation Technology.

      In her roles at TransAlta, Mrs. Chambers had accountability for assets in Australia, Mexico, the United States and Canada, in a wide range of areas such as operations, maintenance, engineering, coal, natural gas, hydro and wind assets. She also spent considerable time in the area of new environmental technologies.

      Mrs. Chambers has served on a number of domestic and international TransAlta subsidiary Boards, and the Canadian Electricity Association Board and Executive Committee.

    • Jan Carr

      Jan Carr

      Dr. Jan Carr joined the Alberta Electric System Operator Board in January 2009 and is a member of the Governance and Nominations Committee and the Power System Committee.

      Dr. Carr has 44 years of experience in the electricity sector as a Professional Engineer, holding senior positions in the design and planning of electricity transmission and distribution systems. He has worked on projects in many parts of the world and has been a consultant to utilities, governments and other stakeholders on the financial, business, strategic and policy aspects of the electric power industry.

      He is currently an advisor to Gowlings, providing business advice to the firm’s international law practice as well as to the executive and business unit leaders of consulting engineers Hatch Ltd.

      Dr. Carr was the Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Power Authority from the time of its founding in January 2005 until September 2008. Prior to that, he was Vice-Chair of the Ontario Energy Board during its transition from a government department to a self-funding independently operated tribunal.

      Dr. Carr formerly served on the Board of Directors of TransAlta Power, a publicly traded generation company; Legend Power Systems, a publicly traded manufacturer of energy conservation equipment; Guelph Hydro, a municipally owned utility, and Macquarie Canadian Infrastructure Management, a privately held infrastructure investment fund. He was a member of the Advisory Committee on Competition in Ontario’s Electricity System (the Macdonald Committee) and Chairman of the Electricity Task Force of the Toronto Board of Trade. He was Commissioner and Chairman of the municipal electric utility in Niagara-on-the-Lake and a board member and regional Chair of the Municipal Electric Association (today’s Electricity Distributors Association) in Ontario.

      In 2007, he was awarded a medal for Management by the Ontario Professional Engineers. He received an honorary degree from the University of Waterloo in 2010 and was inducted as a Fellow into the Canadian Academy of Engineering in 2012. In 2013, the Association of Power Producers of Ontario awarded him its Hedley Palmer Award and in 2015 he was inducted into the University of Toronto’s Engineering Alumni Hall of Distinction.

    • Michael Hogan

      Michael Hogan

      Mr. Michael Hogan joined the Alberta Electric System Operator Board in October 2014 and is a member of the Governance and Nominations Committee and Power System Committee.

      Mr. Hogan is a seasoned consultant and board member in the energy industry, with significant electric utility experience in both domestic and international jurisdictions. He has experience in a variety of business environments, coupled with strong relationship skills and commercial sense.

      Mr. Hogan is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Hogan Energy Consulting Corp. He is the past President and Chief Executive Officer of Enact Power Ltd. and SaskPower Commercial Inc., the international development arm of SaskPower.

      Mr. Hogan formerly served on the Boards of Directors of CE Franklin Ltd., Dominica Electricity Services Ltd., St. Lucia Electricity Services Ltd., and Americas and Caribbean Power Limited. He also served as Chair of the L’Arche Association of Calgary.

      Mr. Hogan has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick and has also earned both Professional Engineer and Institute Certified Director designations.

    • Gord Ulrich

      Gord Ulrich

      Mr. Gordon Ulrich joined the Alberta Electric System Operator Board in January 2009. He is Chair of the Power System Committee and also a member of the Human Resources Committee.

      Mr. Ulrich has extensive experience in the coal and energy industries and is active in community and industry affairs.

      Mr. Ulrich’s industry experience includes 23 years with Luscar Ltd., where he served as President and Chief Executive Officer for 10 years after progressing from positions in Finance and Strategic Planning. Mr. Ulrich has served on the boards of a number of resource companies and for five years as Vice-Chair of the Balancing Pool.

      Mr. Ulrich is a Professional Engineer (retired), registered in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. He holds an MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering and is a Life Member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.

    AESO Board committees

    Currently, the AESO Board has four standing committees which operate in accordance with their AESO Board-approved charter. These committees provide consultation, advice and recommendations to the AESO Board in these areas:

    Audit committee

    • financial reporting and budget matters
    • internal controls systems
    • risk management systems
    • external and internal audit processes
    • law-and-regulatory compliance monitoring processes

    Human resources committee

    • resources and compensation matters including AESO executive compensation
    • officer selection
    • succession planning
    • human resources strategy and programs

    Governance and nominations committee

    • legislation compliance
    • member compensation
    • board succession planning and enhancement
    • corporate governance practices
    • board nomination recommendations to the Minister, including annual review of AESO governance documents and processes
    • member orientation and ongoing education
    • board and member performance assessments
    • governance best practices

    Power system committee

    • long-term transmission system planning
    • project delivery
    • system and market operations
    • AESO tariff
    • AESO competitive processes