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    Contract Process

    Improvements to the AESO Connection Process are underway. See the Cluster Assessments page for more information. For an overview of how Cluster Assessments will fit into the AESO Connection Process, see the graphic here.

    This page is intended to provide an overview of the key deliverables and roles and responsibilities for a typical project as it follows the Contract Process. The key deliverables and roles and responsibilities described below may be modified based on the scope and complexity of the project.

    For a high-level summary of the Contract Process, see the Quick Reference Guide:

    • Acronym Reference


      Alberta Utilities Commission


      Construction Contribution Decision


      Critical Energy Infrastructure Information


      Distribution Facility Owner


      Demand Transmission Service


      Energy Trading System


      Generation Facility Owner


      Generating Unit Owner’s Contribution


      In-Service Date


      Maximum Capability


      Market Participant


      Needs Identification Document


      Permit & License


      Project Data Update Package


      System Access Service


      System Access Service Request


      Single Line Diagram


      Supply Transmission Service


      Transmission Facility Owner

    Stage 0: Application

    Target Timeline: 2 weeks

    Stage 0 is the initiation stage of the Connection, Behind the Fence, and Contract Processes. In this stage, the market participant identifies a request for a new project by submitting a SASR to the AESO. The SASR is reviewed by the AESO for completeness and the project is initiated. The SASR is reviewed for completeness and the AESO may reach out to the market participant to clarify project information or to discuss project complexity. Upon completion of the review, the project is initiated.

    • Required deliverables
    • Roles and responsibilities


      • Submits SASR
      • Activates account in the CEII Request Portal


      • Reviews SASR
      • Assigns project name and number and AESO Project Manager
      • After completing all Gate 0 requirements, the AESO issues a letter acknowledging Gate 0 completion to the market participant.


    • Additional information
      • For a list of initial steps to consider prior to submitting a SASR to the AESO, see the “Initiating a project” section on the Connecting to the grid page
      • Read the SASR Guide for guidance while completing the SASR
      • Review ID #2018-018T for further information about the AESO Connection Process
      • Read the Principles for External Engagement
      • Sign up for the AESO Stakeholder Newsletter for AESO updates in the footer of this webpage

    Stage 1: Scope

    Target Timeline: Not Applicable

    Stage 1 is the scoping stage of the project. This stage includes a project kick-off meeting which begins discussions regarding the Project Plan and Study Scope. The responsibilities and involvement of the AESO, TFO, market participant, and study consultant are determined for the project.

    • Required deliverables
    • Roles and responsibilities


      • Initiates project kick-off meeting
      • Completes Project Plan
      • Coordinates meetings, takes meeting minutes, and coordinates deliverables
      • Completes Study Scope
      • Uploads CEII to the CEII Request Portal
      • Issues Stage 1 CCD


      • Reviews Project Plan and Study Scope
    • Additional information
      • The market participant may be responsible for performing the necessary studies for the project and is responsible for all project costs
      • The study consultant should attend the kick-off meeting
      • Contact if you would like an example of a Study Scope

    Stage 2: Assessment

    Target Timeline: Not Applicable

    In Stage 2, engineering studies are completed to assess the impact of the project on the grid. The study results are reviewed by the AESO.

    Stage 3/4/5: Contract

    Target Timeline: Not Applicable

    In Stage 3/4/5, the market participant and the AESO sign the SAS Agreement.

    • Required deliverables
      • SAS Agreement
      • GUOC Notice (generators only) 
      • Construction Contribution payment or refund*
      • Payment in Lieu of Notice (PILON)*
      • GUOC payment (generators only)
      • ETS setup (generators only)
    • Roles and responsibilities


      • Coordinates meetings, takes meeting minutes, and coordinates deliverables
      • Issues GUOC Notice 
      • Executes the SAS Agreement
      • Reviews application and sets up the GFO and the asset in ETS


      • Executes the SAS Agreement
      • Makes construction contribution payment or receives construction contribution refund
      • Makes payment in lieu of notice


      • Submits GUOC payment
      • Submits application to be set up in ETS
    • Additional information
      • The CCD may be updated in this stage if there are any project changes
      • To estimate the GUOC amount, refer to the GUOC Estimation Calculator
      • See the Joining the energy market page for more information about how to apply to be set up in ETS
      • The Market Participant may be required to provide financial security to the AESO in this stage. See Section 103.3 of the ISO rules, Financial Security Requirements for more information.

    Stage 6: Close Out

    Target Timeline: Not applicable

    Stage 6 marks the end of the project and the final stage of the Contract Process. There are no deliverables included as part of this stage.

    * May not be required depending on the scope and complexity of the project