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    Energy Storage

    Introduction and purpose

    The Energy Storage Roadmap sets out the AESO’s plan to facilitate the reliable integration of energy storage technologies into AESO authoritative documents and the AESO grid and market systems. This will improve the clarity required for market qualification and participation, and enable efficient, effective connection, monitoring and control of energy storage facilities when connected.

    The AESO published its Energy Storage Roadmap in August 2019 and its purpose is to:

    • Facilitate the integration of energy storage technologies across the Alberta Interconnected Electric System (AIES)
    • Enable energy storage to participate in a reliable and fair, efficient, and openly competitive (FEOC) manner
    • Ensure consistency in principles and approach to energy storage across the AESO

    Energy Storage Roadmap integration activities

    The AESO is providing stakeholders an overview of the Energy Storage Roadmap integration-related activities that they intend to progress in 2021. The intent is to provide stakeholders with a consolidated view of the proposed activities for their information and planning purposes. This schedule focuses solely on Energy Storage Roadmap integration-related activities.

    For further information on the current integration-related activities please see the most current Progress Update presentation. 

    Unanticipated findings or learnings could impact the 2021 Plan for Energy Storage Roadmap Integration Activities Schedule resulting in changes to the proposed schedule or the activities themselves. We will endeavor to keep stakeholders informed of any such changes.

    Integration activities currently underway include:

    2021 Plan for Energy Storage Roadmap Integration Activities Schedule

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    Stakeholder comments

    We value stakeholder input and thank you for sharing your perspectives with us. The AESO’s summary of responses and updates to the feedback received is available here.


    If you have any questions, please contact and subscribe to our stakeholder newsletter for updates.