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    Connecting to the grid

    Connection practices, requirements and more
    The Connection Process

    The Connection Process

    The Connection Process gives you access to the grid. We monitor this process to make sure it’s open and fair for all market participants.

    Read about the AESO Connection Process

    Connection practices

    We’re responsible for providing access to the grid, and have practices and guidelines to help. If you’re interested in system access, you’ll find the tools you need here.

    Practices for system access service

    To promote timely connections and provide reasonable system access service to all market participants, we’ve developed system access service practices. Here, you’ll find information on the practices applied when planning the transmission system and connecting projects to the grid.

    AESO practices for system access service [Posted: February 10, 2014]

    Connection project list

    We post all projects with accepted system access service requests on our project list. Projects on this list enter the connection queue once all Stage 2 requirements are completed. Stage 2 requirements can differ, depending on the project type.

    Download the AESO connection project list for more information.

    Connection queue 

    The connection queue business practices document explains how projects are managed throughout the Connection Process.

    The business practices were created for:

    • Efficient progression of projects
    • Fair and non-discriminatory treatment of market participants
    • Fair and efficient management of AESO and transmission facility owner work resources
    • Fair assignment of connection remedial action schemes in constrained areas
    • Rules for meeting or not meeting the gate requirements

    Read our connection queue business practices and view the connection queue.

    Market Participants have the option to put a project on hold near the end of Stage 2. Please click here to view more information about this option.

    Contract change requests

    All changes to existing system access service request agreements must be properly assessed and documented. Read our procedures for different types of contract changes here:

    Contract Process map

    Contract capacity changes for existing customers

    If you are an existing customer, and need contract capacity changes that don’t require transmission facility additions or upgrades, you can apply through the system access service request form below.

    Contract reductions or terminations

    Section 9 of the ISO tariff explains that existing customers who want to reduce or terminate their system access service agreements may pay out their contract capacity with a lump sum instead of a five-year notice. To apply to pay out with a lump sum, fill out the system access service request form.

    Download our system access service request form

    Assignment, assumption and novation agreements

    To assign your system access service agreement to another legal entity, you must enter into an assignment, assumption and novation agreement. To proceed, email Commercial Services at