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    Financial Reporting

    Our Year in Review, Budget and Financial Reports

    We plan, consult and report on our operations to advance the province’s electricity system and bring value to Albertans. Our stakeholders have a voice in our planning and ongoing activities. We’re transparent and accountable for our business initiatives and spending, and demonstrate that in our reporting and governance. View Business Planning

    Annual Reporting

    As of the 2022 reporting period, information about AESO Corporate Governance has permanently transitioned to our website, where related statistics will continue to be updated on an annual basis. 

    Quarterly Financial Reporting

    Transparency Reporting

    We are committed to transparency and accountability on our executive and board expenses. View monthly expense reports here:

    PSCTA Disclosure

    What is Included

    The Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act requires all public sector bodies (agencies, boards and commissions) to post online the compensation paid to all board members and the compensation paid to employees who, in the calendar year 2017, earned more than $127,765. The threshold for disclosure was $125,000 in 2015 and $126,375 for 2016. The earnings provided include many other factors in addition to base salary such as employer contributions to benefits and savings programs, monetary performance rewards, vacation payouts, and any other taxable benefits or cash payments.

    The AESO does not have a defined benefit pension plan (for example, Management Employee Pension Plan or Supplemental Retirement Plan or Supplemental Retirement Plan). The exclusion of these compensation programs eliminates future liabilities to the organization and reduces AESO costs.

    How the AESO is Funded

    The AESO is not funded by tax payers and the Alberta government — all AESO costs, including salaries, are funded by industry participants. The AESO’s budget is governed through a transparent public process, called the Budget Review Process.

    Questions regarding this disclosure list should be directed