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    Effective stakeholder engagement is critical to our success.

    The decisions we make help to shape Alberta’s economic prosperity. We value stakeholders’ feedback as a critical part of the processes we undertake to reach decisions.

    Read our Stakeholder Engagement Framework

    We recognize that the decisions we make and the actions we take in delivering on our mandate affect many different stakeholders. Effective stakeholder engagement is critical to our success and forms a fundamental part of how we achieve our mandate.

    The AESO wants to take this opportunity to thank stakeholders for their involvement, contribution and engaged dialogue across all our engagements in 2020. We appreciate and value the time and effort you have taken to prepare for and attend sessions and provide detailed written feedback sharing your thoughts, insights and expertise. Your participation has helped the AESO to better understand your perspectives as we advance priority initiatives and will guide us as we continuously work to improve how we engage with stakeholders to ensure that their needs and interests are consistently, transparently and meaningfully considered.