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    ISO Rule Proposals

    Section 20.81 of the Electric Utilities Act requires the AESO to establish a process for market participants and interested parties to propose rules and changes to ISO rules, including amendments and removals, for the AESO’s consideration.

    The process is as follows:

    • A proponent completes and submits the ISO Rule Proposal form to propose a new ISO rule, an amendment to an existing ISO rule or the removal of an existing ISO rule.
    • The AESO publishes the ISO Rule Proposal form and any related information on AESO.CA.
    • The AESO considers each ISO rule proposal and may request additional information from a proponent.
    • The AESO makes a determination as to whether the ISO rule proposal requires the development of a proposed ISO rule.
    • The AESO notifies the proponent of its determination and publishes its determination on AESO.CA.

    If the AESO determines that an ISO rule proposal requires the development of a proposed ISO rule, then the AESO develops the proposed ISO rule in accordance with Alberta Utilities Commission Rule 017, Procedures and Process for Development of ISO Rules and Filing of ISO Rules. For information about ISO rules under development, visit Rules, Standards and Tariff > Stakeholder Engagement on AESO.CA.

    For more information on the process and considerations related to proposing ISO rules and changes to ISO rules, please review ID #2019-001 ISO Rule Proposals.

    Current ISO Rule Proposals

    For information on the current ISO Rule Proposals the AESO is considering, please click here

    If you have any questions, please contact