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    ISO rules

    Understanding and complying with the ISO rules

    Complying with the ISO rules

    As Alberta’s ISO, we have the authority to make ISO rules in accordance with Section 20 of the Electric Utilities Act. The Electric Utilities Act requires electricity market participants to comply with the ISO rules and the AESO is responsible for monitoring market participant compliance with ISO rules.. Compliance with the ISO rules is a key element of both system reliability and the operation of a fair, efficient and openly competitive market. As well as monitoring market participant compliance with the ISO rules, the AESO can, through training, publications, meetings, phone calls and other communications, work with market participants to help them to come to a better understanding of their obligations, the AESO’s expectations, the compliance monitoring process and the possible repercussions of non-compliance.

    As part of our monitoring obligation, we must refer suspected contraventions of the ISO rules to the Market Surveillance Administrator. The Market Surveillance Administrator is responsible for the enforcement of compliance with the ISO rules.

    The Alberta Utilities Commission defines the penalties for contraventions of ISO rules. Read the Alberta Utilities Commission Rule 019—Specified Penalties for Contravention of ISO Rules that sets out the approved penalties for ISO rule contraventions.

    For ISO rules compliance information please email

    For Section 501.2 related information please email

    For ISO rule 9.1.5 related information please email